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Graphic design and Pre-press

Desktop publishing is the designing of printing materials on a computer and the necessary hardware and software.

Digital printing

Printing differently, printing simply. We can produce coloured unique or smaller orders in a cost-effective way.

Offset printing

The most widespread printing technique. Simple, quick, cost-effective for smaller industrial orders too.

Flatbed printing

With this method we can print on almost any surface: cellophane, glass, metal etc. Flatbed printing is used for unique or smaller orders but it can accommodate larger, wider format, coloured products.


Finishing procedures following printing to complete a product. Glossy, folded, embossed, punched and numbered.

A printing house where ideas become colourful reality.

With twenty years of experience we believe there is no need for miracles in business life. If we abide by our own policies and the agreements made with our clients the results can benefit both our customers of our company.

print 2000 nyomda csomagó anyagok

Packaging materials

These materials protect and allow the management, transportation of products, meanwhile it can also display information about the product. We primarily produce cellulose-based packaging materials...

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Marketing materials

Advertisers are always seeking novelty. Due to this constant change it is impossible to list every marketing material. The simplest marketing material is the flyer. Flyers are still popular thanks to their simplicity. The short manufacturing time allows its contents to quickly reach the audience...

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Traditional printing products

Books, newspapers, business cards, invitations etc. Products that have been around for hundreds of years. For obvious reasons, nowadays they have lost their significance but from our experience they are still in demand despite these changes...

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