Print 2000 Nyomda anyagleadás

File submission

If the file size is under 9 Mb: Attach it to an email sent to email.

If the file size is over 9 Mb: Upload it to our FTP server.

Contact our colleague or request an ID number in email:
+36 30/ 239 1172

Print 2000 Nyomda anyagleadás

You can send your files through free file sharing sites to email.; etc.

Please refer to your inquiry’s ID or order number!

For further information contact:
Mészáros Roland
Tel.: +36 30/ 218 2013

General rules for submitting the files

Format: Ready for printing CMYK Composite PDF; Exported PDF: Standard PDF/X-1a; For direct coloured materials PDF/X-4; Please don’t create the PDF directly form the source.

Images: CMYK, 300 DPI, preferably uncompressed JPG.

Fonts: All fonts should be embedded or outlined. Embedded fonts should be on a single black layer, not on all 4 coloured layers. Same applies for bar codes.

Text: We are not responsible for any issues with contents or grammar after approval.

Colours: Please only include the final colours in the material. Only the necessary items (objects, fonts, images) can be in direct colour (these have to be listed in the order as direct colours). For coloured projects we recommend the Forga 39 profile. In case of UV-varnish, effect varnish, die cutting forms, please add these layers (on a separate layer) as direct colours.

Pages: Please add the necessary fold lines, register, perforation and cut marks before submitting the files.

Dimensions: Please adjust dimensions according to the dimensions requested in the order. Regarding margins please leave a +5-5 mm leeway.

Technology specific requests: Dielines can be submitted on the design as a different layer, colour or a different page, file. Please use vector graphics (not raster graphics) for this and if it is a separate file the background must be transparent (not white). The area beyond the bleed must also be transparent otherwise graphics could cover each other on the final layout.